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Castle Talks : « The migration crisis : A challenge for border regions »

Le Projet Jean Monnet de Sciences Po Strasbourg a organisé un webinaire en langue anglaise le lundi 18 janvier 2021 de 8h30 à 18h30 ayant pour titre : « The migration crisis : a challenge for border regions ».

Retrouvez quelques extraits vidéo de cet événement ci-dessous :

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Listes des supports disponibles (PowerPoint ou PDF):

-CITIES AND REFUGEES : Reality, objectives and limits of the power of european cities
-The Visegrad Group and the European migration policy
-Instrumentalisation of migration issues for the Euroscepticism in the context of the campaigns for European elections of 2019
-Externalisation of european borders
-The european union and access to care for migrants
-The New Pact on Asylum and Migration
-Greek hotspots in Lesbos : reception centres, registration areas or detention camps ?
-Immigration around the world : a comparative analysis
-Sexual Exploitation and the European Migration Crisis
-The role of NGOs in the management of migration crisis in Calais
-The 2015 crisis : Migration policies to the test
-The Japanese government’s response to the migration crisis
-Hungarian border and migration policy
-The Refugee, Migrany Crisis: a challenge for Europe
-Refugees’ experiences with the Dublin Convention
-Migration, Borderlands and International law in 20th Centenry Continental Europe
-Migration, development and adaptation to environmental changes (1972-2018). The cases of Ecuador and Senegal
-A humanitarian challenge for border regions

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