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Toolkits on border management and border perception

The toolkit on EU border management models is a product designed for students, citizens’ associations and cross-border actors (local and regional elected officials, chambers of commerce, cross-border project developers, etc.). The actors will be able to use the kit to take into account the specific type and functions of their border in their cross-border activities. The kit also aims to help to raise awareness of the diversity of border models in the EU and to propose specific management tools that are adapted to the reality of each border territory. 

A first part is about issues related to the management of the border, its actors, the legal tools and resources available, the obstacles to overcome. A second part is focused on the experience of border actors and citizens: role in cross-border cooperation, identity and mutual trust, etc.

The toolkit is developed from an analysis grid elaborated by the steering committee of the network. It includes sheets on the EU border management models elaborated from the 5 specific case studies studied during the focus groups. It is be accompanied by geographical maps of the territories concerned and will be published online, under the direction of Anne Thevenet, Jean Peyrony, Gyula Ocskay, Anthony Soares and Birte Wassenberg. Simon Vanlichtervelde, Vincent Tupinier and Fabienne Schimek also participate to this Toolkit (contributions, review, synthesis, communication).

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