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The film is edited during the focus groups in the 5 border regions. The film crew will film part of the group discussion and interview people representing citizens’ associations about their perceptions of the border and the way borders are managed in the EU. The 5 films on each border will then be put together in a documentary. The film will therefore illustrate the diversity of perceptions and governance of borders depending on the territory, history and political context in the EU border territories. 

The film will be directed by Atelier Limo, founded by Simon Brunel and Nicolas Pannetier (https://www.atelier-limo.eu/). Since 2006, they have been developing multi-faceted documentary projects around the themes of borders, Europe, memory, space and identity. Interested in the relationship between research, communication and documentary film, Atelier Limo has been involved in numerous collaborations in the field of research and communication, and work with its partners to develop innovative tools for sharing and dissemination of knowledge to wide audiences.

At Simon Brunel’s suggestion, the film will be integrated on an innovative interactive platform, combining texts written by researchers, videos, maps, testimonies, and tools for understanding the theme of the border.

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