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1. Fabienne LELOUP (Université Catholique de Louvain, Case study on France-Belgium-UK border)
Experiencing the closure of borders from Belgium

The pandemic and the disruption of borders, from personal to national experience.

2. Martin KLATT (Southern Denmark University, Case study on Denmark-German border)
A visit to the controlled Danish border
A trip to a border crossing point, submitting to controls.
3. Katarzyna STOKLOSA (Southern Denmark University, Case study on Denmark-German border)
Border studies in time of border crisis
A cross-border cooperation model called into question by the crisis.
4. Joachim BECK (Hochschule Kehl) & Birte WASSENBERG (Université de Strasbourg)
Being a cross-border worker during the pandemic
Strasbourg to Kehl, the testimonies respond to each other. The closed
border disrupts family and professional life, as well as daily
socio-cultural exchanges in the cross-border area. 

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